Dear People I Love,

On Saturday and Sunday we Asians watched General Conference, and I LOVED it! In my Mother's house Conference is a holiday that is rivaled by only Christmas and Thanksgiving in the attention we give it. Considering there are two Conferences each year, it's likely that the combined fuss over celebrating these occasions occludes that of Christmas and Thanksgiving combined. Needless to say, I have been looking forward to those 10 hours of broadcast for a long time.

Conference is also (very conveniently) a marker for how much of my Mission has flown by. I spent last April with my favorite non-family people in the whole wide world, and then a week later went to the MTC. That means that the next time I hear that familiar voice tell me that I'm watching the 183rd semi-annual General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I'm going to be half-way done with my time here in HK. That's a thought that I'm really glad is so far away.

Another thing I feel is worth mentioning is the Lord's commandment that we ought to go forth proclaiming His Gospel two by two. Every Missionary has a Companion who they are with anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months (or more, but very very rarely). My first companion, Elder Marrott, was super funny, a little soft spoken, and very focused. I liked working with him because we both enjoyed sticking to a strict schedule. He also loved to do role-plays to practice teaching, which gave me a chance to really get into character and hone my acting skills. I love Elder Marrott!

Elder Herrick is a very different Missionary than Elder Marrott. He is also super funny, but "soft spoken" is his antithesis! He loves to spend time telling stories (which is what we normally do between calls and bedtime), and his favorite plan is "to wing it". He is teaching me how to go with the flow, and how to relax and enjoy my free time (which is 30 minutes a day). He is very straight forward, and tells it how it is; which is an amazingly effective way of doing things. Elder Herrick is a very good Missionary, and I love him as well.

The toughest part of living with three other young men is that we only have one washer and one dryer. We are all fairly clean people (I'm by far the messiest), and the dishes never stack up. Laundry, however, can get a bit of trouble if we don't coordinate our schedules. Life in our apartment is, on most days, a lot of fun and filled with laughter and lots and lots of jokes and riddles. I've finally figured out "Fanny Dooly" and "The Galactic Number", but "Umbrella Town" and "Good Soup" elude me.

I love you all, and I hope that everything back home is going great! I'm super grateful for the letters I got this week, and I'm looking forward to writing some replies! Have a great week!

Elder O'Gara