Sunday, October 30, 2016

30.10.06: A New Face

Friends, Idahoans, and Fellow Americans,

I'm changing the format of my Blog! When I was out being a Missionary, the preachy journal-esque aspect was perfect, but it doesn't really fit my current dreams, goals, and desires. Back then I was an eclectic wannabe-bohemian teen seeking to find my core. I pretty well did that, so I'm shifting gears! I'm going for more of the musings of someone entertained by the changes they see in life, internal and external; someone who's curious to see how this develops, rather than dissecting every bit of information for it's current relevance and meaning.

I'm almost two dozen years old now, which means I've lived a quarter of my life. It's been a good quarter, and the next one is going to be even better. Why? Because I decided so! Happiness is a choice, a choice to find joy in the daily failings and successes of life. There will always be a chemical element in the human brain that pushes one towards depression, but choosing happiness can take the edge off of it. How much of an edge? That's between you and a qualified therapist, but my brain can be kept happy by loving how warm my bed was, how brisk the morning air was, the swelling of the major chords the morning in Music and the Spoken Word, and the smell of the banana pancakes I'm working on.

But I digress...

My new goal is to get fit, get in the Air Force, and get really good at teaching people how to not get killed by the environment. The first step is the most important, as it'll not just get me the job I want, but it'll also get me in a better place physically. So follow me if you like the idea, don't if you don't, I know that I'll always have my mom, and that's really enough for me... until I get married, if my wife wants my body heat, she'll need to comment occasionally.

I've got some redesigning to do, I'll hear ya on Side B!