Saturday, November 5, 2016

Saturdays Are Fun

Any thoughts on the new layout? I fiddled with it for a couple days, it's just about where I want it. My goals might be obvious from the new layout; but I'm going to write them out for your benefit, not necessarily in order of importance:

Goal #1:Nutrition
The biggest hurdle in my way is being 35 pounds overweight. Now, my scale and the scale at the Recruitment Center disagree, but the Air Force doesn't care about the scale in my bathroom. The last time I lost this much weight it was done in an unhealthy manner, so I'm going to try to find accountability buddies.

Goal #2: Buddies
Being part of a community creates support and accountability. I tend to stress eat, so going back to school has potential to wreck my goal. Having people who are working in the same direction I am will help with being responsible, and will help with staying motivated when I get stressed or depressed.

Goal #3: SchoolingI have a love-hate relationship with my school. I love the atmosphere of BYU-Idaho (the Spirit of Ricks), and I enjoy the small-town vibe of Rexburg, and I'm not opposed to the winter weather, but I have yet to find a study method that works well for me. That's my own fault, and I'm working on it, so I'll be blogging about school occasionally. I promise not to complain.

There's my current life plan! Be healthy, have friends, stop failing classes, be happy! I'd love to see a couple people get the spirit of my adventure and start their own, tell me if you do!

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